Bills We’re Tracking

What’s going on at the Statehouse?

This is a short session at the Indiana General Assembly. All bills must be scheduled for a hearing by January 26, 2022. Call your legislator to support the bills you care most about.We followed bills based on our IFCL priorities.

Color coding: green bar -support, red bar,-oppose, gray bar -monitoring.

Education Bills

Legislation proposed for education in the 2022 session includes a variety of bills that would challenge local control of public education. IFCL will continue to support bills that provide resources and encouragement for educators and students. We will oppose bills that stifle best practices teaching methods and promote partisan leadership of school boards.

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Environmental Bills

Top priorities are for fair market prices for electricity generation for solar owners and reducing harm to our limited clean freshwater in Indiana and avoiding risk for unproven technologies. Support a youth climate initiative and tax credit for protecting wetlands.

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Public Health Bills

In 2022, we are following bills regarding infant mortality, testing for lead poisoning in our children,  support for mental and physical health and compassionate end of life options.

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Voting & Elections

Having witnessed the inherently flawed redistricting undertaken by the General Assembly in 2021, in the 2022 session IFCL strongly supports an amendment to the Indiana Constitution, to remove redistricting responsibility from the legislature and put it in the hands of a multi-partisan, citizens redistricting commission.  Hoosiers deserve a fair, transparent redistricting process and a citizens redistricting commission is the key to that process.

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