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IFCL can work with legislators in Indiana only with your help, guidance, and support. You can make a difference by participating in IFCL. Either we work together to solve problems we believe in, or we allow interest groups speak for us.

Join Us!

The Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation is led by Friends process. All who are interested are welcome. We meet the first Saturday of each month at Indianapolis First Friends Meeting: 3030 Kessler Boulevard East Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Contact IFCL clerk Diana Hadley for more information.


Whether or not you are able to join us at a meeting, please hold the work of IFCL and the Indiana Legislature in the Light.


Your generous financial contribution will enable IFCL to research, inform and advocate on issues affecting the quality of life for all Hoosiers.

Become a Sustaining Member

Please consider making an ongoing impact by becoming a sustaining member. Sustaining members make reliable, monthly donations to IFCL. We would be grateful for your support and faith in our work. Your dependable donation will allow our work to continue uninterrupted.

Planned Giving

Have you made a bequest or other type of planned gift for IFCL? Or do you plan to within the next 12 months? We invite you to join our Legacy Circle. Your name and commitment will inspire others to give.

What is a “planned gift?”

Planned gifts are generally larger gifts that require some forethought and planning. They are often made with the assistance of your attorney or financial professional.

You do not have to be wealthy to make a planned gift–many people are able to leave a gift through a bequest to a favorite organization that is larger than the gifts made during their lifetimes.

The most common type of planned gift is a bequest through your will or trust. Even if you already have made a will, it is simple to add a bequest through a codicil.

Why should I consider a planned gift to IFCL?

The simplest and most profound reason is that you believe in the work of IFCL–you want to see it continue and grow even stronger. You want to provide financial support after your lifetime because you know there will always be a need for a voice of conscience when laws are made.
Join our Legacy Circle

If you have made a planned gift with us in mind, please let us know. Informing us about your plans helps us plan more effectively for the future.

We’d like you to join our Legacy Circle. Joining as a named member will inspire others to give. Or you may choose to join and remain anonymous. Please contact for more information.

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