Month: July 2019

IFCL shares Tim Grimm concert

July 29, 2019

Hoosier singer/songwriter Tim Grimm entertained and inspired those who attended his concert sponsored by IFCL Saturday, July 28, 2019. Grimm’s sons Connor and Jackson added a special treat for the event.

IFCL sponsors Tim Grimm Concert July 27

July 15, 2019

Tim Grimm is a singer-songwriter and actor residing in south-central Indiana. He has released a dozen recordings in the US and Europe, and is known for his rich storytelling sense and his deep love of the rural Midwest. 

His recent release, Heart Land Again, revisits songs from a 20-year-old recording. Grimm infuses them with the conviction of time and with the help of his two musician sons—who were only small boys when the album was first released. Grimm is joined too by his wife Jan—making this the third “Family Band” recording. In 2016, the family released FINDING HOME: Indiana at 200— a recording of original songs from the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s Bicentennial production of the same name. In 2017, the Family band released A STRANGER IN THIS TIME— a recording that ended up as the #1 (most played) Album on Folk Radio for the year, and also produced the #1 Song- GONNA BE GREAT. 

Tim grew up in the hills of Brown County and in the town of Columbus (IN), where his parents were teachers. He attended Earlham College (BA) and The University of Michigan (MFA). He has worked extensively in film and television and in regional theatre. Current projects include voicing Eugene Debbs and composing music for an upcoming documentary film on Debbs for WFYI, and acting in a new feature film, SWING SHIFT, portraying actor Richard Jenkins’ brother. 

Tim also leads three different small group tours to Europe each year. THE TURNING POINT tour travels to The Netherlands; BEYOND THE TARTAN Tour travels through Scotland; and INISHFREE MUSIC TOURS travel through three counties of Ireland. The groups average only 8-22 guests per trip and highlight the culture, history and arts of each individual country. Music plays a part in each of the tours as well— both Tim’s music and some of the finest local musicians in the areas. For more information on Tim and these tours, visit

IFCL honors legislators with appreciation award

July 15, 2019

IFCL enjoyed meeting with State Representative Carey Hamilton and State Senator John Ruckelshaus Saturday, July 13. In addition to spending time discussing issues for the next legislative session, IFCL members presented the two legislators with appreciation awards for their support for IFCL priorities during the 2019 General Assembly session.

Diana Hadley, IFCL Clerk, and Ed Morris, IFCL member and constituent of both Hamilton and Ruckelshaus, presented the awards.

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