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Indianapolis Thrive Plan

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Indianapolis is on the brink of an historic step and needs your help now to make it a reality. Incorporating input from nearly a year of public meetings, the City has drafted a sustainability and climate resilience plan! If there is a good show of support, the plan, which is called Thrive Indianapolis, will be finalized and move toward implementation.

The Hoosier Environmental Council has been helping to coordinate a coalition of public interest organizations to carefully review the City’s draft Thrive Plan. The Plan has many good steps forward in the realms of renewable energy, public transportation, recycling, and natural resources. That being said, the City’s Plan could aspire to more ambitious yet feasible goals, especially given the serious conclusions of state and federal climate change reports.

The coalition mentioned above developed the following 5 goals that would take the Thrive Plan to the next level:
Indianapolis, community wide, is 100% powered by renewable energy by 2030
There is environmental justice such that all parts of the City have clean air, water, soil, healthy food, and protection from flooding
All residents are within a 15-minute walk of public transit and of a public green space, park, or trail.
Community-wide solid waste generation is reduced 30% by 2030 and a plan is written by 2025 for achieving zero waste.
By 2030, companies and institutions in the City begin implementing their own sustainability plans.

Please take just 2 minutes to add your support for the plan and consider adding a request for one or more of the 5 goals above. The deadline for comments is December 26, 2018.

To add your support:

1.) Go to
Then click “Log-in” in the upper right and either log in or create a log in

2.) Next click “Indianapolis Thrive Plan”
This will bring up a special website that shows the whole draft plan and accepts comments.
3.) Click anywhere in the plan to add a comment.
4.) Share this email with your Indianapolis friends and family!
Thank you for taking time to provide input under this very compressed timeline. We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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