Month: November 2018

Arkansas Has Cut 12,000 People off Medicaid in Just Three Months of a Work Requirement!

IFCL is fortunate to have Fran Quigley, Director, Health & Human Rights Clinic, Indiana University McKinney School of Law, joining our lobbying effort in a volunteer capacity.

See his concern about the future of the Healthy Indiana Plan below.


Dear Friends,

Below is a new report with a stark reminder of what is at stake if Governor Holcomb succeeds in imposing his planned red-tape work requirement on Hoosiers who rely on the Healthy Indiana Plan for their healthcare:

Arkansas has already cut 12,000 people off of healthcare in just the first three months of rolling out their work requirement.

We know well the consequence of Hoosiers losing access to care. Many of our neighbors will suffer, and some of them will die:

Thanks to all of you who have pushed out the petition online and in-person: the online version now has well over 700 signatures. But please:

Consider another year-end push on social media and in-person to share the petition. It is online at

Make plans to join us in the Statehouse in January to deliver the petition and the signatures to the Governor. More details coming soon.

Thank you for all your work to protect Hoosiers’ access to lifesaving healthcare,


Fran Quigley
PFAM: People of Faith for Access to Medicines,, (317) 750-4891
Also: Director, Health & Human Rights Clinic, Indiana University McKinney School of Law

News Article On Indiana Redistricting

IFCL works with the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting for this important reform. The coalition is holding a rally at 12:30pm on Tuesday, November 20 — Organization Day — on the Capitol Street side of the Statehouse. The purpose is to motivate legislators to take up redistricting reform in the coming session. Our elected officials continue to assure us that Hoosiers really don’t care about this issue. To the contrary, as this recent column from the South Bend Tribune illustrates, redistricting reform is gathering momentum all over the state. Come join your fellow Hoosiers at the rally next Tuesday.

Join Us For A Redistricting Rally

Looking for ways to engage and make a difference after the recent midterm elections? Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation (IFCL) is part of a coalition working for redistricting reform in Indiana, and you can participate. Join us for a rally organized by the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting to let legislators know that 2019 is the year for redistricting reform in Indiana. The rally will be on Tuesday, November 20 at 12:30pm on the Capitol Street side of the Statehouse. The father of gerrymandering, Elbridge Gerry, will make a special appearance, and there’ll be a brass jazz combo, all to send an upbeat message: Hoosiers want fair redistricting for the state legislature and congressional districts. In addition, you can sign a petition at encouraging Gov. Holcomb to put redistricting reform high on his legislative agenda next session. If you have any questions, please contact Phil Goodchild (; 317-790-9054).

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