Month: August 2017

Indiana’s Redistricting Issue


The Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation took the opportunity to talk about Indiana’s redistricting issue at the Friday evening outdoor fellowship festival at Western Yearly Meeting, July 28, 2017.
Large acrylic maps of the state showed the division of districts for the Indiana Senate and House, and a puzzle map had pieces in the shapes of the U.S. Congressional Districts.

Discussion with those who visited the display focused on the issue of redistricting and the need for more citizen engagement in state government.

Several people said they had concluded it didn’t matter whether they voted in their districts because the districts were heavily weighted for one party or the other. (As many as 44 of the 100 districts for state representatives go uncontested because of the unequal division of the parties in those districts.) Because that scenario discourages equal representation and little discussion during election years when there aren’t two candidates, IFCL hopes to encourage legislators to support independent redistricting reform. Citizens are encouraged to weigh in on this topic with their legislators.

It is easy to contact legislators on the Indiana General Assembly website:

Here is a recent article on gerrymandering:

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