Legislator Of The Year

Clark Hadley, Diana Hadley, Scott Pelath, Bill Chapman
IFCL members Clark and Diana Hadley and IFCL lobbyist Bill Chapman (right) present Representative Scott Pelath (D) District 9 with the 2017 IFCL Legislator of the Year award.
Bill Chapman, Jim Merritt, Diana Hadley, Clark Hadley
Bill Chapman, IFCL lobbyist presents Jim Merritt, Jr. R-District 31, with the 2017 IFCL legislator of the year award. IFCL members Diana and Clark Hadley joined Chapman for the presentation.

Dr. Bill Chapman, IFCL lobbyist, said, “Sen. Jim Merritt, by offering a comprehensive package of bills focused not just on the illness of addiction, but also, the root causes, performed a tremendous service to our state. His advocacy made the illness of addiction a central part of the legislative agenda in both chambers this past session.”

With respect to Leader Pelath, Dr. Chapman said, “House Minority Leader Scott Pelath focused his caucus’ priorities on issues that spoke to the needs of economically challenged Hoosiers in both rural and urban communities. His leadership leant voice to the issues that are at the core of the work we do at IFCL. Both of these lawmakers were clear choices deserving of special recognition by our organization.”
At the legislature, as in other projects, IFCL aspires to be led by the spirit of God as mediated by the traditional testimonies of Friends: peace, simplicity, equality, integrity, stewardship and earth care.




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