Current Senate Bills

Indiana Senate
SB 8: (Leising) School curriculum.
SB 9: (Leising) Residence of individual in state tuition.
SB 11: (Bohacek) Eligibility for supplemental assistance program.
SB 13: (Glick) Administration of overdose prevention drugs.
SB 28: (Becker) Nursing faculty loan repayment program.
SB 50: (Eckerty) Workforce development; career and technical education.
SB 62: (Becker) Hospices and Medicaid.
SB 68: (Crider) Internet crimes investigation fund.
SB 135: (Bohacek) Required DCS notification for schools.
SB 142: (Leising) Maternal mortality review committee.
SB 152: (Crider) Survivor health benefits.
SB 155: (Walker) Deceased voters.
SB 184: (Zay) Maximum number of foster children.
SB 207: (Freeman) Homeowners association and solar power.
SB 217: (Houchin) Dyslexia.
SB 232: (Ruckelshaus) Access to food program.
SB 250: (Mrvan) Absentee voting.
SB 264: (Crider) Rape kits.
SB 286: (Lanane) SPEC study of Indiana environmental policy.
SB 325: (Walker) Small loan finance charges.
SB 326: (Walker) Redistricting standards.
SB 332: (Grooms) Protecting pets in distressed homes.
SB 381: (Messmer) Children in need services.
SB 397: (Boots) Community mental health centers.
SB 416: (Eckerty) Consumer credit code.

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