Current House Bills

Indiana House of Representatives
HB 1007: (Kirchhofer) Expanding mental health access.
HB 1065: (Ober) High speed internet service.
HB 1073: (Olthoff) Child care location and safety.
HB 1080: (Moed) Central Indiana public transportation projects.
HB 1117: (Frizzell) Nursing facility Medicaid reimbursement rates.
HB 1133: (Davisson) Addiction treatment teams and Medicaid.
HB 1134: (Davisson) Drug addiction workforce recovery program.
HB 1191: (Engleman) Reporting of suspected human trafficking.
HB 1253: (Richardson) Voter list maintenance.
HB 1270: (Siegrist) Human trafficking.
HB 1314: (Devon) Students receiving foster care services.
HB 1317: (Clere) Health matters.
HB 1319: (Carbaugh) Uniform consumer code.
HB 1426: (Behning) Education matters.

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