IFCL Legislative Issues & News

Priorities for the 2018 legislative session include the support of EDUCATION for all children, HEALTH concerns from basic health care to programs to treat drug addiction, RESTORATIVE JUSTICE initiatives that encourage a healing response to crime and ENVIRONMENTAL stewardship that uses the earth’s resources in ways that sustain them for future generations.

Earth Care:

Stewardship of the environment includes a variety of measures to use and preserve the earth’s resources.


IFCL supports local and state government funding of public schools. We encourage adequate funding so that all of Indiana’s children will have access to a good education. We also believe that children should be provided training in nonviolent conflict resolution including peace studies, alternatives to violence, and diversity awareness.

Restorative Justice:

IFCL supports a justice system that minimizes incarceration, maximizes rehabilitation, and seeks reconciliation and restoration as a healing response to crime and prevents harm to Indiana communities.

Public Health:

IFCL supports quality medical, dental and mental health care coverage for all of Indiana’s citizens.

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