Indianna Friends Committee on Legislation Survey

Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation (IFCL) seeks to understand the opinions and priorities of Friends, meeting attenders, persons of faith and other concerned Hoosiers about legislative issues. We also wish to provide opportunities for any interested individuals to participate in the legislative process with IFCL. This survey will provide helpful information to IFCL concerning your thoughts about legislative issues. During the last legislative session, IFCL's prioritized issues were earthcare, education, mass incarceration, and redistricting. Please share your thoughts below.

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How important is it to have nonpartisan redistricting to create equitable legislative districts?

How concerned are you about the quality of clean drinking water?

How concerned are you about developing clean sources of energy?

How concerned are you about school evaluations (grading schools) that do not account for differences in enrollment, geography, and economic class?

How concerned are you about teacher training and teacher shortages?

How concerned are you about income inequality?

Do you support increasing the minimum wage?

Would you support increased taxes to help address poverty related issues?

Do you support repealing RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act)?

Do you support abolishing the death penalty?

Do you support background checks on handguns?

Which of the following strategies would you support to reduce the number of individuals incarcerated:

 Decrease severity of sentences for nonviolent offenses
 Increase substance abuse program in both the community and the Department of Corrections
 Expungement of non-violent offense from the public record
 Expand needle exchange programs
 Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent offenses

Are there other issues on which you would like IFCL to focus?

May we add you to our IFCL email update list?

Would you like an IFCL representative to speak to your Meeting or group?

Please check mark beside any activity you would be willing to do in support of these issues:
Activity Redistricting Environment Education Mass Incarceration
Contact a legislator by phone, letter or email
Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
Share IFCL related information with others
Attend legislative committee sessions with an IFCL committee member
Attend IFCL sponsored events
Assist IFCL in tracking bills during sessions at the Statehouse